Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a way to change unwanted postural and movement habits that may have become unnecessary and harmful leading to unwanted muscular tension. It is an educational process that looks at these habits and allows the student to change them, letting the student feel better and move in a more efficient and co-ordinated way. 

I first came to the Alexander Technique while studying dance at the Boston Conservatory. At the time the work intrigued me very much but my young self was pulled into starting my dance career. Years later, after moving to Ottawa, I heard about the training school and immediately signed up. After three years of intense training I can comfortably say that I am more at ease in my body and mind. I thank Brigitte Caron and The Ottawa School of the Alexander Technique for starting my journey along the path.

Anyone interested in developing an ease of movement in everyday activities such as standing, sitting, walking or moving can benefit from an Alexander Technique lesson. Dancers, actors, musicians have also used the Technique to improve their performance. 

In a lesson the teacher will teach the 5 basic principles through a hands on experience while the student is laying on a table, then move to walking and sitting in a chair.

The 5 principles are:

  1. Primary Control – this is relationship of the head and neck and back. 
  2. Directions – are guided instruction to activate the Primary Control.
  3. Inhibition – the pause where we stop the initial movement pattern.
  4. Force of Habit – the repetition of a movement pattern or postural habit that has become an unconscious habit
  5. Faulty Sensory Perception – When your force of habit is telling you that your body is functioning optimally when in fact it isn’t. 

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