Barbara was born in Regina, Sk. and started taking ballet at an early age. In learning dance, she quickly realized that she wanted to expand her knowledge and thus enrolled at the Boston Conservatory. While there she studied ballet under Samuel Kurkjian, Ann Marie Sarazin, Donna Silva, and Mel Tomlinson. She also studied Modern dance with Jennifer Scanlon, Jessica Sayre, Tommy Neblitt, Yasuko and Emiko Tokunaga and was introduced to Flamenco. 

photo courtesy of Randal Fedje

Upon graduating cum laude from the Conservatory, Barbara sought to further her knowledge of Flamenco which took her to Granada, Spain. There, she studied with the school of Carmen de las Cuevas. In 2001 she travelled to Jerez de la Frontera where she immersed herself in the culture and was accepted within the Flamenco community. She credits the amazing teachings of Ana Maria Lopez and Juan Para for what she has been able to create.  In 2005 she recognized a need and want of Flamenco dance in Regina, Sk. so she established Flamenco Diaz. For 7 years she encouraged many to explore their potential as dancers and artists. During that time, she was also on the faculty of the Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan, teaching ballet and Flamenco.

Currently, Barbara lives in Ottawa, Ontario and has just completed a three year training course in the Alexander Technique with Brigitte Caron at The Ottawa
School of the Alexander Technique
and now is in the process of setting up her own practice. Recently, she has taken over the Pre-Ballet and Twinkle Toes program at the Plant Bath and at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre. 

photo courtesy of Randal Fedje

Barbara strongly believes that movement and dance is attainable for whoever wishes to explore and develop themselves.  It does not matter what background one has, as long as there is an imaginative and expressive spirit and a desire to learn. 

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