Flamenco is a form of Spanish music and dance that comes from the southern province of Andalucia. Originally practiced by Gypsies, this artistic form features elements from Spanish, Jewish, and Moorish cultures. This unique form is easily recognized by the guitar and rhythmic footwork of the dancer as well as the deep soulful sound of the singing. Palmas is the rhythmic clapping of hands that accompanies the dancer and the musicians and is often done by other dancers and musicians in the audience. 

photo courtesy of Randal Fedje

Flamenco also owes much to the Spanish bull fight and Andalusian horse training, with many of the movements and rhythms practiced by the dancers echoed in the Toreador and horse’s movements. If you happen to be watching a performance and you see something that moves you or that was done really well, don’t forget to jalear or to yell “Ole” to show your appreciation.

Flamenco is practiced in Palos, which are different forms of dancing. These include Sevillanas, Tangos, Soleas, Alegrias and Bulerias among others. Each one is different and unique and reflects the diversity of Flamenco. Each Palo has a different rhythm, with practitioners counting out accents on different beats depending on the Palo.

photo courtesy of Randal Fedje

Classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. Please see below for descriptions. Private classes are also available upon request. I welcome you to come and explore this unique dance form with me.



Beginner is for people who have never danced Flamenco before. We will go over the basic posture, footwork, arm and hand work while learning the traditional dance called Sevillanas. Classes are paced for the beginner to develop an understanding of Flamenco rhythms. To register please contact me here:


Intermediate is for people with experience with Flamenco, and feel comfortable with basic footwork while using the arms. We work with the 12 rhythm exploring Alegrias. To register please contact me here:


Advanced is for people who are comfortable working in 12 and are ready for more complicated variations or footwork, turns, body/posture work. Class is delivered at a quicker pace. To register please email me at diazdanceinottawa@gmail.com

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